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She was born and raised in the south of France precisely on the blue coast, where the places vary between the mountains and the Sea.

As a child her summers were spent camping and with it she developed a love for freedom.

Passionate and fond of traveling, she likes adventure, going to places where magic allows her to continue with her dreams.

She has traveled in different countries, throughout the world, with the desire and passion to discover new corners that leave her a memory full of beautiful experiences forever.


He was born in Bilbao, between the sea and the mountains, which endowed him with both passions and a life surrounded by nature.

Years of camping on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, and years of camping in the Pyrenees, Alps, and Picos de Europa. Traveler by nature, and very fond of the 7 continents.

Happy whether on a summit, or underwater, or on a desert dune or on the terrace of a skyscraper.

But happier to share with others that passion for discovering new routes, new places, new experiences through the freedom that the “camper” gives you.

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