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Deposit at the time of rental: €1,000. Along with the deposit contract, a video is recorded at the time of delivery of the camper van in front of the person, mentioning the day and time of that moment, the name and surname of the person who rents the camper van, and filming the entire exterior of the camper van and another video filming the entire interior of it.

Repeating the action upon delivery of the camper van, saving both videos as proof of the state of the camper van on delivery and the state on return.
Driver: Valid B1 spanish license or EU equivalent, Minimum 25 years old, + 2 years of driving experience. One driver per rental contract.

Annex to the rental contract, mandatory to sign, attach a copy of ID or Passport, and driver’s license: absolute responsibility for any infraction committed, be it traffic or stay, during the rental and authorizing to be able to communicate the person’s data to the competent authorities.

Annex to the rental contract, mandatory to sign: inventory of all the stock of the camper van, and verification of the same list upon delivery of the camper van or at the end of the rental contract.

It is delivered and returned with a full fuel tank, (present the last filling ticket at the service station). The vehicle will be delivered completely clean inside and out at the beginning of the rental. The customer must return the vehicle with its interior completely clean.

It is delivered in each rental:

  • General cleaning kit: 2 small garbage bags, 1 large garbage bag, a dust cleaning cloth, a toilet cleaning sponge, and 2 rolls of toilet paper
  • kitchen cleaning kit: dishwashing sponge, small bottle of detergent and multipurpose kitchen cloth
  • Authorized and registered viricidal detergent
  • One set of sheets per bed
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