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Frequent questions

Basic motorhome rental questions


Your camper van will be delivered between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., and it will be returned between 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

What is the minimum age to rent the camper van?

You must be at least 25 years old and have held a B driving license for more than two years

Can I pick up or return the camper van somewhere other than Sitges?

Except in exceptional cases or emergencies, the camper van will be picked up and delivered back to the Sitges headquarters.

When do I get my deposit back?

The person in charge of its delivery and pickup will check the vehicle after it has been returned to ensure that everything is in working order and to check for any damage. There are two options:

  • In case there are no damages, we will give way to the refund of the amount (within a maximum of 48 hours).
  • In case of observations, a report will be created detailing the damaged elements and the client will be informed of the amount to be added, authorizing the lessee to compensate said amount of the deposit deposited. If the repair for its use exceeds the amount of the franchise, the insurance will be part of it and the franchise will be lost

Is there a possibility to modify the reservation?

As long as the desired days are available, we can make a modification within the same season of your reservation. Contact the autoravanasitges staff to accomplish this, and they will swiftly allay your concerns.

Do autocravanas have unlimited mileage?

Total kilometers included with the reservation is 300 km on average per day, each additional km will be charged €0.30, if you exceed those allowed

What should I do with the water tank and/or chemical toilet?

The water tank must be emptied, as well as the chemical toilet. In case this is something new for you, don’t worry! We will provide you with a guide where it explains all the steps to follow. In addition, the person in charge of delivery and collection of the camper vans at the venues will be happy to answer this question

Are the sheets and towel set included?

Yes! We provide only one set of sheets for everyone on the trip. You must take your own set of towels.

What fuel does the camper vans use?

It’s Diesel. And, in terms of consumption, it would be an approximation of 7.9L/100 km.

Protocol in case of failure

We must bear in mind that we are renting a camper van vehicle. Certain breakdowns can arise that are unpredictable and unavoidable both in the vehicle itself and at the level of the camperization. If any inconvenience should arise, you will always have the Vehicle Insurance and Roadside Assistance contact at your disposal so that they can try to fix the fault as they emerge.

EIn the event of a breakdown that makes it impossible to continue the trip (and is external to the client), clients will be able to choose between these two options::

  • The proportional part of the amount corresponding to the nights not enjoyed will be refunded
  • In the event of any failure in the camperization system that makes it possible to continue the trip but causes inconveniences (inverter, heating, solar panels, etc. not working), the damage will be evaluated with the clients and between 10% and 10% will be returned. 20% of the total nights paid in the reservation to be able to compensate for the need for hotels or campsites during the rental.
  • In case of breakdown of the camper van prior to rental, which makes it impossible to start the trip and if there is no other vehicle available for its replacement, the full amount paid by the clients will be refunded.

Where to pick up the camper van?

Currently, Sitges (Barcelona) serves as our sole headquarters

What is the amount of the deposit?

After the reservation it is necessary to pay the deposit as insurance; 1000 euros (without Insurance Plus) or 600 euros (with Insurance Plus). After selecting the camper van and the rental days during the reservation procedure, said insurance may be chosen. You will receive an email with the bank account number to make the deposit as soon as your reservation is verified. We want the whole process to be as easy as possible and we will always be here to help

What happens if I want to pick up the camper van before the established time and return it later than the established time?

For exceptional cases we will try to organize the delivery or collection at a different time.
But remember! Before, you will have to contact the autocaravanasitges team, either by email or send a WhatsApp to +0034 649954509 at least 2 weeks in advance, as it is subject to the number of reservations and availability.


Can I bring pets in the camper van?

Of course!
so pets are more than welcome in this adventure. Remember that, it would have a supplement of 50 euros and you must add it in the reservation process.
With this little extra we will proceed to the special cleaning for animals, since the following clients may be allergic.

Is it mandatory to return the camper van with a full tank?

Yes please.
The camper van will have a full tank at the time it is picked up. If so, it is requested that the return of this carry the same condition. Otherwise, the remaining part of the deposit will be charged until it is filled and a 50 euro service charge will be charged.

To refill the water or empty the dirty water, where should it be done?

To refill the water can be at a gas station and to empty at permitted emptying points (campsites, gas stations…). It is mandatory to clean and refill the water, otherwise it will cost €100 and not emptying the chemical toilet €150, which will be retained on the deposit.

Is the kitchen gas-powered?

Yes, it is a gas kitchen

Can there be two drivers?

No, only one driver
It can only be one driver for RENT contract. It is a condition of the vehicle insurance.

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